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2021 Women in Industry Awards nominations now open

The Women in Industry Awards provides an opportunity to celebrate the success of females in the oil and gas industry, with 2021 award nominations open until Friday, June 25.

Last year the oil and gas industry saw Shell Australia’s turnaround engineer, Alicia Heskett awarded 2020’s Rising Star.

With a record number of nominations last year, the awards recognise the contributions of women in the industrial sector.

Humbled by the award, Heskett strives to be a professional that others in the industry can look up to as inspiration to pursue their own goals.

“So often, we’re told to find a mentor and create networks within the industry, and I hope that being recognised through this award, that I can continue to reach out to others as a mentor to share my own experiences while assisting others in reaching their full potential,” Heskett said.

Heskett is in charge of the turnaround excellence lead portfolio, which includes local assurance ownership of turnaround processes.

As the excellence lead, Heskett is also central to stakeholder management within Shell as well as global collaboration across the company’s turnaround teams.

Since joining Shell, Heskett’s passion for driving sustainable change in diversity and inclusion saw her presenting to peers, managers and the senior leadership team as the keynote speaker for QGC’s International Women’s Day events. 

In addition, the oil and gas industry was further represented in the awards with AGL Energy’s Dayle Stevens as 2020’s Mentor of the Year.

As AGL chief data officer, GM data & analytics, Stevens said her proudest moments were when she saw someone that she had helped, encouraged or mentored achieve their goals.

“Every time I see that happen or get a note saying thanks, it brings a tear to my eye because I am full of pride for them, and I am left full of inspiration to do more,” Stevens said.  

Following Heskett and Stevens’ success, nominations for the Women in Industry Awards is a great way to acknowledge outstanding women from across a range of industries.

All ten nomination categories aim to celebrate and highlight the achievements of women, with many other categories crossing over into the oil and gas sector.

This includes the awards categories Heskett and Stevens won, which both have the potential to demonstrate the skilful prowess of females in the mining sector.

Nominations can be made at no cost, and are available at https://womeninindustry.com.au/nominate/ .

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