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25 companies join emissions transparency report pilot


Twenty-five major companies from across the economy have opted into the Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency (CERT) report pilot.

The Clean Energy Regulator said this is a significant step forward in supporting transparency and consistency of net emissions reporting and the gathering of information on voluntary emissions reduction commitments now being adopted in the corporate sector.

The companies from the energy, manufacturing, mining, retail, financial, construction and research sectors represent over 25 per cent of Australia’s annual greenhouse emissions reported to the Clean Energy Regulator. They include AGL Energy, Santos, Woodside and CSIRO, to name only a few. 

The CERT report will provide a clear picture of a company’s net as well as gross emissions, including their carbon offsets and percentage of renewable energy use, in a consistent manner. This data will be presented alongside their public commitments to reduce emissions or increase renewable electricity.

Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator David Parker said the companies that have opted into the CERT report pilot are demonstrating leadership for being open and transparent about their efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are fortunate that the 25 companies participating in the pilot represent a cross-section of Australia’s economy as it will allow us to test and refine the full breadth of the CERT framework,” said Parker. 

“These companies have chosen to participate because they see this new reporting framework as useful to their business. It will also help these companies demonstrate to their customers and the Australian public, how they are tracking with their commitments.” 

In addition to companies opting in at this pilot stage a large number of companies have expressed interest in the outcomes of the pilot and may opt in at a later date.

The first CERT report will be released in the second quarter of 2022.

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