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All wells online for Glenaras Gas Pilot

Galilee, Glenaras gas project

Galilee provided an update on the Glenaras multi-well pilot program in the Galilee basin ATP 2019, reporting that all pumps have been back online since last workovers.

Direct pressure measurements at Glenaras 14 indicate that reservoir pressure is down to the lowest level observed to date, confirming the Bretts Creek Coals are successfully being de-pressured. 

According to Galilee, this is the first step in unlocking significant gas reserves in multiple coal seams across a large area of the Glenaras field. 

Water production has declined from a peak of 19,300 barrels of water per day Bwpd to around 17,500, consistent with the decline in reservoir pressure and the onset of modest gas desorption. 

Galilee managing director and chief executive David Casey said that results from the Glenaras gas pilot were encouraging. 

“Having now had time to review the reservoir and operational changes past and present, it is clear that the Glenaras Pilot is at an exciting inflection point for gas production, not unlike other successful VSG fields in Australia after years of continued pumping,” said Casey. 

“I am firmly of the view that a concerted effort to achieve what is anticipated to be commercial gas production rates is definitely justified, particularly when considering the value and size of the prize of a 100 per cent owned multi-trillion cubic feet (TMF) gas resource on the east coast.” 

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