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Angus Taylor: LNG exports reducing emissions

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In an opinion piece published in The Australian Financial Review, Mr Taylor, who was handed the addition portfolio of Emissions Reduction, said Australia’s LNG contribution was something to be “proud of”.

“Australia’s LNG exports have the potential to significantly lower emissions in importing countries by around 148 Mt CO2-e, because electricity generation from coal has around double the emissions of gas,” he said.

“The success of our LNG exports means that we can help lower global emissions below what they would otherwise have been, by up to 27 per cent of Australia’s annual emissions.

“The primary cause of our recent carbon accounting increase – our LNG exports – is potentially responsible for a far greater decrease in emissions overseas.”

Mr Taylor said he would work closely with the state’s and territories to meet climate targets, while also signalling that the government would also focus on new energy sources, including hydrogen.

“Our National Hydrogen Strategy will show us the way to create a vital economic boost through creating new jobs and a new export industry with an estimated value of $10 billion and will also assist Australian businesses in transitioning their energy use to more sustainable and affordable energy sources,” he said.

When announcing Mr Taylor’s cabinet positions, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the minister would be responsible for the country “meeting the 2030 emissions targets”.

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