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APGA challenges Senate Select Committee recommendations on CSG

“This report ignores the comprehensive reviews of the science and regulation of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry,”? APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright said.

“The call for a Royal Commission into the industry ignores the independent reviews completed in 2014 by the NSW Chief Scientist into coal seam gas activities and the Northern Territory review into hydraulic fracturing,”? Ms Cartwright said.

“The science is in and these reviews found that the risk of unconventional gas extraction can be managed by sound regulation and professionalism from the operators involved.

“The regulation of the industry has improved in recent years with government agencies refocused on studying and monitoring the effects on groundwater and the environment.”?

Ms Cartwright said many landholders welcome the CSG industry, and warned that any delay in the supply of gas will not help the Australian economy, particularly the manufacturing sector.

“Advocating the shutdown of the CSG industry on purely ideological grounds is not in the nation’s interests.”?

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