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APGA ready to work with new minister

APGA CEO Steve Davies said it was vital for Australia to have a stable energy sector at this time.

“The rapidly changing energy sector is confronting challenging times and a number of complex issues,” he said.

“Affordable and secure energy delivered reliably and safely is crucial for the development and sustainability of our national economy.

“Developing a national energy policy that provides certainty over the long-term will be a major priority for Mr Taylor. Without it, any improvement in affordability risks being short-lived.”

Mr Davies also said gas must be included in new policy, while pointing out the potential rise of hydrogen on the horizon.

“Although the priority is electricity affordability, we must remember that gas provides the same amount of energy to Australia as electricity does, and its role in providing firm power alongside intermittent generation from renewables is becoming more widely appreciated,” he said.

“Recent work in Australia also demonstrates that hydrogen could be a gaseous fuel of the future, with the capacity to provide energy from both renewable and traditional source.”

The APGA also welcomed the reappointment of Senator Matt Canavan as Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

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