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Armour delivers on Warroon and Myall Creek

Warroon 1 coil tubing operations

Armour Energy has provided a Surat work program operational update, stating that the Warroon-1 fracture stimulation is complete, with proppant placement successfully meeting design parameters. 

The fracture re-stimulation was completed on 10 January, with a total proppant placement of 159,826 lb versus the planned 157,500 lb (just over 101 per cent). 

The company said that post-stimulation coil tubing cleanup operations have been conducted, and full clean-up and interpretation of results are expected in 3-4 weeks. 

Warren-1 has been reconnected to the gas gathering system ready for the inline cleanup flow. 

The Myall Creek-2 workover program was also successfully completed, with the depleted Tinowon A reservoir now isolated. 

The previously un-produced Tinowon C reservoir has been perforated, completed for production and ready for future stimulation. 

The well has been reconnected to the gas gathering system and a 30-day inline production test began on 17 January. 

At the end of the test period, a decision will be taken on the priority and timing of fracture stimulating at the Tinowon C reservoir interval. 

Armour chief executive Brad Lingo said he was satisfied with the team’s performance in delivering two parallel projects under difficult conditions. 

“This has been our first round of projects with our new external funding partners and we have enjoyed their support throughout the campaign,” said Lingo. 

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