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Armour increases Warroon production


Armour Energy has provided an update on several of its current projects and activities in the Surat Basin. Extending over an area of 270,000 square kilometres in eastern Australia, the basin is comprised of multiple oil and gas production fields that are owned and operated by Armour.


Following the successful fracture restimulation of Warroon-1 in January 2022, the well is showing signs of stronger production. Total fluid recovery volume is increasing, with an average daily production rate exceeding 400 MSCF/D with associated condensate production.

In order to assist this accelerated production rate, an intermittent timer has been installed. The timer will routinely cycle the well and keep all fluids moving.

Myall Creek-2

New data indicates that the hydrocarbon-bearing Tinowon C formation within the Myall Creek-2 program, which was successfully perforated and recompleted earlier this year, is a viable candidate for fracture stimulation. Fracture stimulation is being planned for June 2022 and will be supported by Armour’s funding partner.

Other reservoirs that intersect with the Myall Creek region have also been assessed. Of these, the Upper Rewan and Bandana Sandstone reservoirs show signs of being saturated with gas. However, further assessments are needed to determine whether these zones can be accessed for stimulation in the future.

Environmental milestone

Armour announced that the Kincora Gas Project has been reportable incident free for 1000 days. This is an important environmental compliance milestone, and the company is committed to maintaining practices that protect the environment and surrounding communities.

The project contains several oil and gas fields in the Surat region of Queensland and covers an area of over almost 290,000 hectares. Operations areas include the Kincora Gas Processing Plant and LPG Terminal, Myall Creek and Parknook Fields, Newstead Reinjection Reservoir and Emu Apple Oil facility.

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