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Armour progresses Warron-1, Myall-Creek-2 plans

Armour Energy begins programmes for Warron-1 and Myall-Creek-2 wells

Armour Energy has announced its wells, Warroon-1 and Myall-Creek-2, are expected to commence work programs after some delays.

Warroon-1 will begin fracture stimulation in the third week of December after originally being planned to commence in mid-October.

However, alongside COVID-19 restrictions in Queensland and Western Australia, wet weather and unavailability of vital contractor personnel resulted in delays.

The fracture stimulation plans to target the Basal Rewan sandstone.

Myall Creek-2 aims to commence the workover program in the first week of January 2022.

Armour will clean out and re-complete the well to allow testing of potential bypassed pay in the Tinowon C reservoir.

A workover rig will isolate the depleted Tinowon A perforations behind a straddle packer arrangement intended to enable future fracture stimulation.

For a 30-day extended production The Tinowon C reservoir will be perorated though tubing and flow tested inline.

When the test period ends, the feasibility and timing of the stimulation will be decided.

Chief executive officer Brad Lingo said the company was “very excited” to conduct the two “high potential” programs.

“[The programs] offer strong long-term production returns for Armour shareholders and our funding partners,” Lingo said.

“We also believe it is important that two parties highly experienced with fracture stimulation and in particular with these formations have committed to participate in both the Warroon and Myall Creek projects.”

Armour Energy is a production company which concentrates on the development, discovery and production of gas and associated liquids resources.

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