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Beach Energy to begin seismic survey

seismic survey

Beach Energy expects to commence Dombey 3D seismic surveys in November in order to identify potential natural gas reservoirs in South Australia. 

The area to be surveyed is located 15 km west of Penola, covering 165 km2, and will be conducted over a six-to-ten-week period. 

If the survey returns positive results, it could boost energy security for the South East.

The survey has been designed as a low impact project and will be conducted under strict regulatory conditions. 

Seismic surveys use vibrating trucks to send sound waves into the ground which bounce back off different rock types, which are then detected by receivers at the surface. 

Once the data is collected, it is processed into a three-dimensional image of the subsurface geology. 

This allows engineers and geologists to target future drilling opportunities with greater precision. 

Beach Energy regional manager Jon Conti said that the company has 60 years of experience in these sorts of activities and is committed to doing so in a safe and sustainable manner. 

“We also believe it is important to use local businesses to support our operations wherever we can – we have contracts with a number of local suppliers who will feed and accommodate a workforce of about 50 specialist workers over a three-month period,” Conti said. 

“If anyone has questions about the survey or would like more information, I encourage them to visit Beach’s website, or pop in to our shopfront on Church Street.”

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