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Blue Energy spuds Sapphire 6v well

sapphire 5V sapphire 6V

The second vertical well in Blue Energy’s pilot well appraisal drilling program has been spudded.

The Sapphire 6V is being undertaken in ATP 814 and was spudded on 20 July 2022.

Since then, the rig crew has undertaken works to install blow out preventors, having run 9⅝-inch casing to approximately 117.5 m.

The proposed total depth for Sapphire 6V is 900 m and this was anticipated to be reached within 3 days of drilling out of surface casing.

Following the completion of the Sapphire 6V well, a series of lateral wells will be commenced and drilled in batch format, with the vertical sections of each well drilled first following which the lateral sections for each well will be drilled.

Given Blue’s Sapphire 5V vertical well recently reached its total depth of 850 m in late July 2022, the company is excited by the potential success of the Sapphire 6V well.

The North Bowen Basin is located in central Queensland, predominantly within the Isaac local government area. It covers roughly 72,000 km2, which is a total area larger than Tasmania.

ATP 814P consists of six disconnected blocks in the North Bowen Basin in an area ranging from south of Moranbah up to Newlands in the Northern Bowen Basin; this area is one of the largest coal mining areas in Australia.

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