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Blue Energy’s Sapphire 5V reaches total depth

sapphire 5V sapphire 6V

Blue Energy’s Sapphire 5V vertically well has officially reached its total depth of 850 m, in the North Bowen Basin, Queensland.

The Sapphire 5V well intersected 45 m of net coal across the Rangal, Fort Cooper and Moranbah Coal Measure target formations – approximately 20 per cent thicker than anticipated.

These target formations are the same gas productive seams as those present at the adjacent Moranbah gas project, which is located 2 km west of the Sapphire 5V vertical well.

Operations undertaken at the well site include the acquisition of wireline logs which confirmed all pre-drill correlations and data interpretations.

From spud, the well took approximately three and a half days to reach total depth.

Furthermore, production casing has been run to 847 m deep and cemented in place, with the well set to be completed at a later date as a water producing pilot well. This will occur once subject new pilot laterals wells in the existing and current program are drilled and have intersected with the Sapphire 5V vertical well.

As of late July, Blue Energy is undertaking activities to move the drilling rig a short distance to the subsequent vertical pilot well location known as Sapphire 6V to be drilled. The hopes is that this will accelerate timing of the dewatering and production phases of the proposed Sapphire lateral wells.

Blue Energy managing director John Phillips said the company is excited to see the progress on the Sapphire 5V well.

“We are pleased that the first well in the program has been drilled safely, in a timely manner and has intersected the target seams as predicted and with 20 per cent greater net coal thickness than predicted, and together with the recent reserve and resource upgrade by NSAI, highlights the importance of this potential new gas supply for a gas short market,” he said.

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