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Bollé Safety expands Pilot 2 with Neo model

Bollé Safety has released a new product in the Pilot 2 range of goggles to include Pilot 2 Neo, specifically designed for the toughest environments, such as those found in the petrochemical and mining industries.

The existing range of goggles is popular in several industries but is most prolific in the fire-fighting industry, for which there is also a specifically designed version: Pilot 2 Fire.

The popularity of Pilot 2 goggles can be attributed to the comfort of the co-injected, ventilated frame, excellent field of vision, and wearability with prescription glasses and other PPE, such as helmets.

Pilot 2 Neo takes these same features and replaces the previous adjustable strap with one made of neoprene. This Neoprene strap further increases resistance to temperature, fire, tearing, and chemical products. As a result, Pilot 2 Neo is perfectly adapted for use in oil and gas environments.

Oil and gas and mining workers are exposed to extreme conditions, both from the elements and from the work itself: Drilling fluid (or Drilling mud), used to increase efficiency and drilling speed, can irritate the skin and cause serious eye damage on contact; Mercury Vapour is a toxic element, frequently found around oil and gas sites, that may burn the eye on exposure and cause nervous-system damage; Hydrogen sulphide, another common gas found on oil and gas sites, is toxic and an irritant for skin, eyes, throat, and lungs, causing nausea, disorientation and headaches. Finally, as on most trade-based sites, there is the hazard of dust and other particles, which can scratch the cornea in the eye and reduce vision.

PPE is crucial in such environments and suitable eye protection a must. Pilot 2 NEO protects the wearer from the dust, gas and splashes found on oil and gas sites. It is also comfortable enough for the long-wear of shift work, with the bi-material frame and soft seal creating a snug, but not intrusive fit to the wearer’s face. The adjustable neoprene strap and considerate design improves fit and does not interfere with helmets and prescription glasses.

Pilot 2 Neo comes with a clear or CSP lens, depending on light exposure and preference of the wearer. Both lens options include Bollé Safety’s unique PLATINUM anti-scratch-anti-fog coating for improved visibility and increased longevity of wear. You can download the Pilot 2 Neo datasheet here.

For more information, email marketing@bollesafety.com.au or visit bollesafety.com.au.