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Budget for NSW distribution in the works

The supply network covers 95 per cent of New South Wales, employs approximately 4,200 employees and serves around 800,000 customers.

The company owns approximately 1,200 km of distribution and transmission gas pipelines and plans to spend approximately $2.2 million next year to operate and maintain these networks.

Country Energy has also said that it will invest more than $4 million in the coming year to upgrade the system and connect new customers.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has welcomed the New South Wales Government’s investment in the state’s energy networks.

ENA CEO Andrew Blyth said “Given the fact that the life expectancy of network-related infrastructure is around 30 or more years, there is an urgent need to invest in infrastructure that will enable electricity and gas distribution businesses to maintain the services expected of them in the future.”?

“Not only do electricity and gas network businesses underpin Australia’s $1.1 trillion digital economy, they are also intrinsically linked to the challenges, opportunities and solutions regarding climate change.”?

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