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Buru Energy drills ahead at Canning Basin well

Buru Energy well preparing for production test

Buru Energy has installed a 7-inch casing at the Canning Basin Rafael 1 well, which has been successfully run and cemented to 3868 meters before the well benign drilled ahead in 6-inches hole.

The previous report also highlighted that the prior casing, which obtained the current wireline logs over the 8-½-inches with an open hole section from the well.

The logs and pressure data are subject to interpretation but encourage the continued drilling program before flow testing the well.

The latest report provided by the initial well has now achieved a total depth of 4141 m measured depth, with the current project is pulling out of the hole of wireline logging.

Since the last update Buru provided, there has been a positive progression record in the gasses presented within the discrete 120-meter gross thickness interval of the Ungani Dolomite equivalent section.

The Ungani Dolomite equivalent section increased its depth from 3857 m to 3,977 m during this time.

The alignment of the drilled gas suggests that the in-situ phase is a wet gas (gas-rich in LPG and condensate fractions).

The information gathered from the logging program will be needed to determine the significance of the gas shows and the reservoir quality.

The gas influx combined with the drilling parameters suggests a conventional reservoir is present.

The new forward program will include the completion of the logging program and running a completion suitable ton complete flow testing on the well.

Buru Energy intends to provide continual updates regarding the project and the forward program which they aim to make public over the coming weeks.