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Buru Energy to spud Ungani 8H well

Buru receives $7 million grant

Buru Energy’s Ungani Oilfield development well is expected to be spudded later this week, with the mobilisation of the Ensign 963 rig to site approximately 60 per cent complete.

The rig is being moved from the successful Rafael 1 exploration well in the Canning Basin Buru completed last week.

The equipment required for the planned flow test of the barefoot completion of the Ungani Dolomite section in the Rafael 1 well is being supplied by the specialised testing contractor SGS Australia (SGS).

The planned flow test at Rafael 1 is expected to commence mid-January next year, with some delays caused by WA border closures.

“Whilst we are obviously disappointed that we will have to wait a few more weeks for the flow test results, what is important is to be able to conduct it safely and with appropriately qualified personnel,” said Buru’s executive chairman Eric Streitberg.

“We are mobilising all the required equipment to site so that we can get started as soon as the SGS personnel can get up to Rafael, and we have our wet season contingency plans in place to make sure there aren’t any hiccups on that side,” he added.

“This is a very exciting project and the expected results will be worth waiting a bit longer for.”

Data from the Rafael 1 well has confirmed that the Upper Laurel Carbonate section above the current test zone in the Ungani Dolomite equivalent section is also dolomitised and has significant hydrocarbon potential.

This zone had good to excellent gas shows and weak oil shows in cuttings, and log analysis suggests there is up to a gross 75 metre hydrocarbon column in this conventional reservoir section.

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