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Buru makes headway on Ungani 8H well

Buru Energy has spudded the Ungani 8H development well on Saturday, which is located on production license L20, northwest of the Ungani 1 and 2 wellheads and the Ungani production facility.

Ungani 8H is designed to access undrained oil reserves in a crestal location within the north-eastern part of the central fault block (CFB) of the Ungani Field.

The well was spudded by the Ensign 963 drilling rig, with it planned to intersect the Ungani Dolomite reservoir section at least 50 m above the originally water contact at a subsea depth of 2065 m.

Once the top of the Ungani Dolomite is intersected a casing string will be set and the well will then be drilled horizontally through the Ungani Dolomite reservoir section.

The well will be completed barefoot without casing over the reservoir section to provide the optimum flow path and production volumes.

Buru executive chairman Eric Streitberg said the company is pleased to be drilling a further development well on the Ungani oilfield to take advantage of the current strong oil price environment.

“The well will also provide valuable information as to the remaining production potential of the field,” he said.

“We have also planned the well carefully taking in to account our learnings from the Ungani 6 and 7 drilling campaign to ensure we have the potential for the best outcome from drilling the horizontal section of the well.”