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Buru makes progress on Canning Basin wells

Buru Energy

Buru Energy has reported that the 20-inch surface conductor at the Rafael 1 well, in Western Australia, was successfully set at 130 metres measured depth, and the well has been drilled ahead to section depth of 1652 metres.

The 340 mm casing has now been installed to a measured depth of 1649 metres and pressure tested.

The company advised that the current operation is drill ahead in 311 mm hole to the 244 mm casing setting depth above the interpreted reservoir section, which will then be drilled in 216 mm hole after the casing has been set.

Operations to date have proceeded as planned with no incidents and no rig downtime.

In addition, the Currajong 1 joint venture has agreed the final test program for the well and the additional equipment required for the test program is being mobilised from the manufacturers.

Buru highlighted that the installation of the completion equipment is planned to begin mid-September once all equipment is on site, and the flow test program is expected to start at the end of the month.

The company is currently planning for four zones in the dolomite section to be tested individually, and a combined flow test will then be undertaken once tests of the individual zones are completed.

The project is a 50:50 joint venture between Buru and Origin Energy, with the Currajong-1 exploration well being drilled on a large structure that is defined by 3D seismic.

The structure has a vertical closure of over 200 metres and is fault bounded with two way dip closure.

It is expected to have similar good quality reservoir and oil properties to the Ungani Oilfield and is at similar depths.

Currajong-1 is the first well in the exploration program under the terms of the farmin agreements executed in December last year, under which Buru would be carried for $16 million of the costs of the drilling of the two exploration wells in the program – Currajong-1 and Rafael-1.

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