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Buru obtains drill rig for Canning Basin campaign

Buru Energy has contracted the Ensign 963 rig for the 2021 Canning Basin program in Western Australia.

The program, scheduled to start in June, includes a three well drilling program and an extensive 2D seismic program of some 1100kms of data acquisition.

The two well exploration drilling program is on conventional oil prospects, targeting very significant prospective resources.

The drilling program also includes a development well on the Ungani oil field that is planned to increase production rates and recover additional oil volumes.

Kurrajong-1 exploration well is the first planned during the program. It will be followed by the Ungani-8 development well and then the Rafael-1 exploration well.

The Ensign 963 rig is currently located in the Beetaloo Basin where has recently been drilling deep and complex wells for Origin Energy.

The rig is a sister rig to the Ensign 970 rig that is currently drilling the deep gas wells at West Erregulla in the Perth Basin.

Buru has recruited an experienced and multi skilled drilling team that has been working on the project since the beginning of the year.

The team has also been fully engaged with the drilling teams from the joint venture partners in the drilling programs for each well.

Long lead items and services including well logging, cementing, drilling fluid supply, drilling bits and other ancillary service for the 2021 well campaign are also being finalised.

Executive chairman Eric Streitberg said the company is pleased with the way the program is coming together in what will be a big year for Buru in the Canning Basin.

“We are drilling two of the largest onshore conventional oil prospects in Australia and success will be transformational for Buru, for the Kimberley, and for Western Australia,” Streitberg said.

“Ensign 963 is a very capable rig and Ensign Energy is a very experience capable rig operator. Our drilling team has brought an outstanding level of professionalism to the program and we have received great support from the service companies.”

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