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Buru sets surface conductor on Ungani 8H


The Ungani 8H well is currently in the drilling stages, with drilling works carried out by the Ensign 963 rig.

Since Buru Energy’s previous report, the 20 inch (508 mm) surface conductor has successfully set on the Ungani 8H Development Well at a depth of 49.5 m. 

The well has been drilled ahead to a section depth of 991 m in a 445 mm hole, and the casing has now been installed to a measured depth of 988 m and successfully pressure tested. 

The current operation, as of 29 December 2021, is drilling ahead at 1,050 m in a 311 mm hole to the 244 mm casing setting depth at approximately 2,565 m measured depth at the top of the Ungani Dolomite reservoir section.

The Ungani horizontal reservoir section will then be drilled.

According to Buru Energy, all operations to date have proceeded without incident. 

The Ungani 8H well surface location is on production licence L20, around 700 m north-norwat of the Ungani 1 and 2 surface well locations. 

Buru Energy and Roc Oil each has a 50 per cent equity interest in the well and in the L20 production licence. 

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