Captialising on a growing CSG industry

Recognising the importance of incorporating environmental sustainability into business, Vinidex has developed a range of products, such as Supermain® PVC-O, that require less energy to produce than conventional PVC with enhanced mechanical properties. Furthermore, the materials used in the company’s pipe and fittings manufacturing are well suited to recycling. Vinidex reprocesses all in-house scrap and has done so for over 30 years to minimise wastage. This scrap is granulated and re-used in the manufacturing process across the company’s product range.

Vinidex PVC, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pipe and fittings systems are used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply, sewerage, drainage, mining, industrial, irrigation, electrical, telecommunications and gas.

Specifically, Vinidex supplies the east coast coal seam gas (CSG) market with a broad portfolio of products including a wide range of diameters of PE pipe and fittings, which are used to pipe the gas and water extracted from the coal seam.

CSG applications for PE

PE pipe is suited to CSG applications because its mechanical properties allow resistance to slow crack growth and rapid crack propagation, both of which are critical to the transportation of compressible gaseous fluids. Vinidex says that the PE100 material represents the most advanced PE material currently available in Australia.

PE is also highly resistant to corrosion, an important consideration for asset owners where pipes are laid in aggressive ground conditions. With a superior Minimum Required Hoop Strength (MRS), Vinidex PE100 also demonstrates excellent impact resistant properties.

Being a flexible material, which is available in straight lengths or coils, PE pipes will permit variations in alignment, reducing the requirement for fittings where a gentle radius is required making for a more cost effective installation. This also allows the pipe to accommodate ground movement such as that found in expansive soils. Its relative light weight makes PE pipe easier to install and increases its suitability for installations in more challenging site conditions and more difficult terrain. Finally, from an operational perspective, the smooth bore, and inherently low co-efficient friction provide excellent flow characteristics. This reduces the pumping energy requirements and results in lower operating costs while at the same time providing a long service life with a minimal maintenance requirement.

To meet the growing demand of the CSG business, Vinidex has increased its manufacturing capacity and signed a number of agreements to source and supply a complete range of products required by this sector, which includes PE fittings, PE valves and electrofusion fittings.

Vinidex currently operates manufacturing and distribution sites in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, with additional distribution centres in Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory With the ability to supply product to all parts of Australia, as well as flexible manufacturing and distribution facilities, the company can efficiently respond to changing market requirements and special project specifications.

Vinidex says that it works closely with customers to meet their requirements in product range, product availability and quality, reliability of supply, innovation and supply chain. The strength of its success has been the ability to form very strong relationships and strategic alliances with the major CSG producers and the company has a number of long term supply contracts in place.

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