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Carpentaria-1 confirms flows of rich gas

beetaloo basin

Empire Energy has confirmed that the Carpentaria-1 vertical hydraulic fracture stimulation and flow test data has indicated the flows of rich gas to surface at the Beetaloo Basin project.

Following initial well clean up, the well flowed at a peak rate of >1.6 mmcf/day and an average flow rate of 0.25 mmcf/day over a 17-day test period.

However, the well was shut in on July 16, 2021 to comply with COVID-19 operating restrictions, with the company intending to recommence flow testing operations in late September.

Empire has advised that initial zonal contribution and produced gas analysis has been completed on the gas samples taken from the Carpentaria-1 well production test.

During predicting testing, gas samples were regularly taken for analysis to determine the relative production contribution of each of the four zones.

All four stimulated zones of the middle Velkerri shales, with strong contractions from the B shale and C shale.

In addition, multiple gas samples were taken during the flow testing period.

The company stated that it is consistent with the mudlog readings during drilling, which indicated drier gas in deeper zones and more liquids-rich gas in shallower zones, the existence of liquids-rich gas and very low CO2 was identified.

Once flow testing operations recommence, Empire’s technical team will collect additional gas samples and undertake further analysis of zonal contribution and produced gas data to plan for future appraisal activities including the drilling of the proposed Carpentaria-2 horizontal well.

That well is likely to be in the northern part of the resource area where the target shales are mapped to be more than 200m deeper than at the Carpentaria-1 location.

Empire has received approval for grant funding of up to $21 million to support the drilling and flow testing of up to three horizontal fracture stimulated wells.

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