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Carpentaria-2H drilling begins

Carpentaria, Beetaloo Basin

Empire Energy has commenced drilling the Carpentaria-2H, the first horizontal appraisal well targeting the Velkerri Formation in the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory. 

The C-2H well is located 11 km north of the successful Carpentaria-1 well and on the same 2D seismic line.  

Empire said the C-2H is targeting the same middle Velkerri Formation shale units as Carpentaria-1 although mapped over 200m deeper.  

With the additional depth, greater formation pressure and a moderately drier gas composition is anticipated.  

The continuity of the shale markers within the seismic section between the two well locations provide confidence in the depth prognosis at C-2H.  

The company said the vertical well section will be cemented back to a kick-off point for the drilling of the C-2H horizontal well section, and the horizontal target will be selected based on zonal contribution data analysis from Carpentaria-1 and technical data during the drilling of the C-2H vertical section. 

The horizontal well section length is planned for over 1,000 m within the highest-graded shale target.  

The entire C-2H drilling program is expected to take approximately 45 days from spud to drill rig release.  

The design of the horizontal well section will allow for its suspension and re-entry to conduct Empire’s first horizontal fracture stimulation and flow test in 2022. 

After completion of drilling and formation evaluation, C-2H will be cased and suspended prior to rig release.  

Empire’s technical team will then analyse the results and plan the C-2H fracture stimulation and flow testing program to be undertaken following the wet season.  

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