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Central steps closer to Range investment decision

State Gas well starts production test

Central Petroleum has drilled all three wells at the Range pilot program in Queensland and will now install surface equipment prior to the installation of down-hole pumps.

The three Range pilot wells, Range-6, Range-7 and Range-8, were drilled to depths of between 675m and 685m and confirmed net coal of between 26m and 28m across the three coal seams of Walloon coal measures.

The company advised the permeability testing of Range-6 well confirmed that the coals have permeability levels consistent with the strong results from the four exploration wells drilled across ATP 2031 in mid-2019.

The Range pilot consists of three wells closely spaced at 200m apart to accelerate the dewatering process, a production water tank, flare and associated pipework.

Testing of the pilot is expected to begin in June and provide production data for three months to support a final investment decision in 2022.

The pilot will also provide information regarding reservoir productivity, gas desorption, zonal contribution and the initial production profiles of gas and water ramp up. 

The Range gas project is a 50:50 joint venture between Central and Incitec Pivotal and is located in ATP 2031, a 77km2 permit in the Surat Basin.