Challenging calibration at Łódz

Polish oil and gas company (PGNIG), operates the Å?ód plant, which delivers natural gas to a total of 386,000 individual customers, including approximately 350 large industrial companies, throughout the entire Å?ód province. Correct calibration to maintain accurate measurements is essential in such an environment, particularly for ensuring proper billing.

Calibration is performed twice a year on approximately 750 instruments at the Å?ód plant, with the majority of calibration requirements relating to pressure and temperature measurement instruments that are connected to gas conversion devices.

Measurement specialist at the Å?ód plant Jacek Midera says “Customers want to pay for the exact amount of gas they’ve received. Therefore, gas conversion devices must be extremely accurate in measuring delivered gas. This means that requirements for the calibrators are especially high. The Beamex® MC5-IS meets the requirements perfectly.”?

Calibration documentation can be used to verify that measurement systems are functioning accurately and calibrations have been performed properly. It also means that errors can be specified and promptly corrected. The portable MC5-IS makes automated calibrations and stores all results in its memory, so that reports can be printed out using associated software.

Mr Midera says that the MC5-IS is intrinsically safe and, with its IP65-rated case protection, is ideal for use in difficult weather conditions that can often make calibration very challenging. “The MC5-IS is very accurate and reliable. And what’s important, it can be used in hazardous areas.”?

The MC5-IS has proven a very good fit for the calibration needs at the Å?ód plant. Mr Midera says that the company was seeking a good calibrator, known to be reliable and of high quality, and the MC5-IS had been recommended by other users in the same line of business.

“We invited the local Beamex distributor to give us a presentation in Poland. After the presentation, we had no doubts about what to choose,”? Mr Midera says.

The company first bought an MC5-IS calibrator, along with associated calibration software, in 2006, and were so satisfied with the device that they have since bought a second one. Overall, the company says that it has been quite satisfied with Beamex’s calibration equipment due to its reliability, ease of use, accuracy, and suitability to demanding conditions.

AMS has been in business for more than 30 years and currently supplies calibration equipment and industrial instrumentation to industry within Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and South East Asia.

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