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Chevron begins repairs at Gorgon Train 2

Chevron expects to finish repairing the kettles in Train 2 of the Gorgon liquefied natural gas plant in Western Australia by September.

The company outlined in a statement that it had been conducting planned maintenance at the Gorgon facility, located on the north-west coast of Australia, from May 23, with scheduled work mechanically complete.

Following a routine inspection of the Gorgon LNG Train 2, Chevron confirmed that propane heat exchangers identified weld quality issues.

The company stated that despite Train 2 undergoing repairs, production from Gorgon LNG Trains 1 and 3 still continues, with LNG and domestic gas still being delivered to its customers.

“Repairs are under way and we have the necessary personnel with skills and knowledge to conduct the work onsite,” Chevron outlined in its statement.

“Appropriate safety measures are in place and we are closely coordinating with the regulator, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), in planning and implementing this work.”

According to media reports last week, a routine shutdown of the Train 2 processing line at the plant identified thousands of cracks – some up to a metre long and 30mm deep – in heat exchanges and propane kettles, which are used to store explosive chemicals.

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