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Chevron hits more Gorgon challenges

Chevron has revealed that cracks that were found in the kettles of Train 2 at the Gorgon site offshore Western Australia have also been located in Train 1 during an inspection.

“Repairs to propane heat exchangers on Gorgon LNG Train 1 are under way following the discovery of weld quality issues during inspections,” a Chevron spokesperson said.

The company reported that appropriate safety measures are in place, with insights from Train 2 repairs contributing to a more effective inspection and repair program.

However, LNG Trains 2 and 3 remain operational and continue to deliver LNG to customers and gas to the Western Australian domestic market.

In November last year, the company reported that it had recommenced production from Train 2 following the discovery of a weld quality issues in propane heat exchangers on Train 2 during scheduled maintenance in July.

The completion of the Train 2 work was delayed after Chevron used the wrong weld procedure, meaning the work had to be ground out and repeated.

“Following our ongoing technical work, we are further refining our approach and have decided some welds in targeted areas will require additional work,” Chevron stated.

Following the completion of repairs on Train 1, Train 3 will undergo a similar process. 

“We remain aligned with the regulator on maintaining the safety of our workforce and operating facilities,” Chevron explained.

Additionally, in October, Chevron received final regulatory approval from WorkSafe to undertake staggered repair work at the plant.

A WorkSafe spokesperson said its 24 outstanding notices with Chevron now had to be complied with by various dates out to April 30, 2021.

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