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Chevron prepares to restart Gorgon production

Chevron expects to restart production at Train 2 of the Gorgon liquefied natural gas project in Western Australia from November 5.

According to EnergyQuest, maintenance work on Trains 1 and 3 will begin two weeks after the restart of Train 2.

Chevron discovered a series of defects in the heat exchangers on Train 2 at the Gorgon project in Western Australia earlier this year. The company has since received final regulatory approval from WorkSafe to undertake staggered repair work at the plant.

A WorkSafe spokesperson said its 24 outstanding notices with Chevron now had to be complied with by various dates out to April 30, 2021.

“The complexity arose because pressure vessels at Gorgon straddled the responsibility of two regulators that independently administer separate acts,” EnergyQuest outlined in its September report. 

“The Dangerous Goods Directorate covered Gorgon as it is classified as a major hazard facility. WorkSafe generally does not cover mining and petroleum activities, but the problems at Gorgon came within its remit as pressure vessels were involved,” the report further stated.

The completion of the Train 2 work was delayed after Chevron used the wrong weld procedure, meaning the work had to be ground out and repeated.

“Following our ongoing technical work, we are further refining our approach and have decided some welds in targeted areas will require additional work,” Chevron stated.

“We have discussed our plans with the regulator and will maintain alignment on its requirements for inspections and repairs on the Gorgon heat exchangers and the sequencing of work on Gorgon Trains 1 and 3.”

Once the repairs have been completed at Train 2, the company plans to gain further insight into the inspections and repairs on Trains 1 and 3.

Chevron also wants Train 2 back in operation before the agreed shutdown of Train 1 during October.