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Clarke installs at Wilga Park

In July Clarke Energy completed commissioning of the first coal seam gas (CSG) fuelled 3 megawatt (MW) engine for Eastern Star Gas’ Wilga Park Power Station expansion.

Eastern Star Gas is planning a progressive expansion of installed generating capacity at the power station as it ramps up activities within its Narrabri CSG Field. It is planned that the power station will now be operated on a continuous basis to utilise the Narrabri pilot production gas.

The project will utilise a modular staged approach, allowing infrastructure investment to occur progressively with gas production.

This means that while the power station design has been “˜future proofed’ to accommodate up to twelve 3 MW gensets, generating 36.5 MW, the lower upfront investment facilitates early generation and revenue as further CSG wells in the tenement are proven.

Gas for the power station had previously been sourced from the Coonarah Gas Field within PPL 3. Delivery of gas from Eastern Star Gas’ Bohena, Bibblewindi-9 and multilateral production pilots to the power station can now occur by means of a newly completed 250 mm diameter flowline.

The first engine at Wilga Park now generates enough clean power to supply 2,700 homes and will save up to 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 12 months.

A key design feature of these power plants is the highly efficient GE Jenbacher gas engines with electrical efficiency of more than 44 per cent. Delivery of this performance has been guaranteed and proven under arduous local environmental conditions.

The entire balance of plant surrounding the gas engines has been designed from the outset to operate in the searing heat of the outback, which far exceeds ISO conditions.

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