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Orbost faces delays for cleaning

Cooper Energy projects experience success

Cooper Energy has provided an update on its operations at the Orbost and Athena gas plants, as well as its gas sales.

Orbost Gas Processing Plant 

The Orbost Gas Processing Plant (OGPP), which is located in the Gippsland Basin, underwent a single sulphur absorber clean for three days in March. During the clean, it had an average processing rate of 27.4 TF/day. After the clean, the OGPP processes rate rose to a steady 55 TJ/day.

As of March 26, phase 2B shutdown works commenced, with the planned production outage of the OGPP expected to last for nine days. Some delays have been caused by heavy rainfall and flooding in the East Gippsland area, however; road closures and power outages have impacted site logistics, and non-essential workers have been evacuated until floodwaters recede and it is safe to return.

Athena Gas Plant 

The average processing rate at the Athena Gas Plant in the Otway Basin increased by 10 per cent between February and March, rising from 26.8 TJ/day to 29.4 TJ/day. Ongoing works are taking place to optimise the combined performance of the plant with the Casino Henry Netherby (CHN) gas fields, and trials using three wells have commenced.

Gas sales

Cooper Energy sold 449 TJ of its production surplus to the company’s Gas Sales Agreement nominations into the spot market during March. The prices were aligned with the average gas prices in Victoria and Sydney spot markets ($10.33/GJ and $10.98/GJ respectively), minus transport costs.

For Sole customers, daily nominations continue to be met, at an average of 33TJ/day for March. This includes the six days of reduced volume during the OGPP phase 2b shutdown.

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