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COVID-19 boosts Santos’ sustainability quest

Santos chief executive officer Kevin Gallagher believes the impact of COVID-19 has given the company’s sustainability strategy even greater relevance by showing it is a reliable and resilient fuel producer of choice through varying market cycles.

“The response of our business has highlighted the strength of our values and resilience of our organisation, maintaining operations and keeping our employees safe,” he said.

“Now as the world establishes a pathway to recovery, cleaner fuels are acknowledged as central to a lowcarbon future and Santos is committed to doing this in the most sustainable way possible.”

With a sustainable future depending on Australian natural gas, Santos has committed to the objective of limiting global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees celsius, whilst providing access to reliable and affordable fuels to domestic and global markets.

“At Santos, we are dedicated to being the safest oil and gas operator in Australia and preventing harm to people and the environment. To do this, we responsibly manage our environmental impact and work in partnership with the communities in which we operate. We are always focused on the health, safety and well-being of our people, and reliably managing our business across all of our operations,” Gallagher said.

Santos’ strategy to transform, build and grow is positioning it to achieve its vision to be Australia’s leading natural gas company by 2025.

To deliver this vision it is aiming to: reduce emissions and improve air quality across Asia and Australia, by displacing coal with natural gas and supporting the economic development of combined gas, clean fuels and carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions; be the leading national supplier of domestic gas in Australia; and be a leading regional LNG supplier by increasing LNG sales to its Asian customers to over 4.5 million tonnes per annum.

The company also strives to be recognised as Australia’s safest, most reliable and low cost developer and operator of upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities and infrastructure.

Already an established exporter of LNG to markets including China, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea, Santos has a key role in our region’s decarbonisation journey which we aim to increase, growing LNG exports to 4.5 million tonnes annually by 2025.

Santos is ahead of progress needed to achieve this target, with 2020 LNG exports of 4.3 million tonnes, 45 per cent higher than 2019.

“Delivery of this vision is underpinned by a relentless focus on preventing harm to people and the environment, and working in partnership with the communities in which we operate,” Gallagher highlighted.

“Our performance against published aspirations and targets are aligned to our seven sustainability pillars: economic sustainability, health and safety, climate change, environment, community and supply chain, Indigenous partnerships, and people and culture. In recognition of our core value to pursue exceptional results, we are committed to continually making progress on the aspirations and targets we have set for each of these pillars.”

In addition, Santos has set an ambitious target of reducing its waste to landfill to zero by 2050.

The company outlined that the key to achieving this is implementation of a long-term strategy that focuses on the life cycle management of waste across its operations.

Its strategy places an emphasis on avoiding and minimising waste generation, and maximising waste reuse and recovery.

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