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Nixon Communications constructs radio systems to cover the entire work area of gas pipeline projects, including all hand held radios, and all camp communications, which encompass the telephones for both the office and pay phones, as well as television, internet café and all data for a project.

“For the remote radio communications we use state-of-the-art repeaters and linking communication equipment. All of these sites are solar powered. We’ve been using solar power for about 20 years now and the technology has become much more efficient over that period of time,”? Nixon founder John Nixon says.

“We also use the very latest satellite technology to provide efficient phone, data and television to remote sites.”?

Most recently, the company has been involved with several coal seam gas (CSG) projects in Queensland, including Origin Energy’s Walloons Development Project that was constructed by Nacap Australia; the Braemar 2 Pipeline, which was constructed by Delco Australia; and AGL Energy’s Berwyndale to Wallumbilla Pipeline constructed by Diversified Construction Corporation.

In addition, the company is currently completing Arrow Energy’s Daandine/Stratheden Development Project for construction contractor Delco.

Mr Nixon sees the future of the gas transmission industry as promising.

“Obviously the need to lower greenhouse gases is good for gas because gas is cleaner than the more traditional coal-fired power stations and of course LNG is also providing us a great opportunity for the industry,”?
he says.

He adds that the number of proposed Gladstone-based LNG projects and associated development of CSG in Queensland is very exciting. “Gladstone is ideally situated as a major energy exporting location in Australia – so we’re in a good spot for it all!”?

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