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Deloitte adds Global IO to strengthen transformation capability

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Deloitte has acquired Global Integrated Operations (IO), a remote operations specialist in the mining and energy industries, to deepen its transformation offering.

Global IO has gained reputation in the field of integrated and remote operations.

This acquisition is expected to enhance Deloitte’s capabilities and reputation within the space.

Global IO has developed a global presence on the back of its roots in Perth since 2014, with offices in Montreal, Canada and Santiago and Chile.

The company has previously worked with Deloitte on several large engagements with key clients.

Deloitte Australia consulting partner Steven Walsh said the Global IO team would join the company’s office in Perth, Canada and Chile.

“Deloitte has worked closely with Global IO for some time and we’re thrilled to have them joining us,” Walsh said.

The Global IO team is made up of experienced professionals in design, implementation, operations management process and IO deployments in the energy and resources industries.

“It will really simplify the operational transformation journey for our clients,” Walsh added.

Global IO partner Dominic Collins said this was a great opportunity for the company to not only better serve its clients with Deloitte, but to expand its services with new resources and broaden its scale and scope.

“We’re now able to increase our efforts in areas like change management, digital strategy and analytics, and deliver dependable services our customers, and Deloitte’s, have come to expect,” Collins concluded.