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Drilling of fourth Glenaras well complete

Glenaras rig, Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy has announced that the Silver City Rig 23 has completed the drilling of the fourth well of this year’s current programme at the Glenaras multi-well pilot.

Glenaras 25 is the fourth well of the 2022 programme. The well has been drilled to a total depth of 1,058m with all Betts Creek Beds coal seams intersected as prognosed. A total of 28m of net coal has been confirmed with excellent gas shows on penetration during drilling.

With four wells now drilled, the results are continually confirming the geological model as interpreted. The Betts Creek Beds coal seams are well developed, gas-bearing and laterally continuous across the Pilot area. The seams can also be correlated up to 20km further away, supporting the significant contingent resource certified for the Betts Creek Beds coal seams.

The interpretation of the fault zone at the southwestern margin of the pilot has also been confirmed through identification of fracturing in the coal seams in both G17A and G27.

The presence of the fault zone is significant as it proves the presence of a zone of major vertical connectivity and water crossflow into the coals, which can now be counteracted by production from the key wells Glenaras 26, 27 and 28.

These wells will form a critical water inflow shield from the fault zones into the main area of the pilot.

Likewise, the power station upgrade is underway with the new generator installed on-site and connected with commissioning progressing. The trenching for gathering and additional tie-in points has now commenced with site conditions improving following recent unprecedented rainfall events. Moreover, the gathering pipe has been laid out and will be installed over coming weeks.

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