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Drilling of Glenaras-26 complete

Galilee, Glenaras-26 gas project

Galilee Energy has announced that the Silver City Rig 23 has completed the fifth well of the 2022 drilling program at the multi-well pilot.

Glenaras 26, the fifth well in the current program, was spudded over the June 11 and 12 weekend. The well is drilling ahead at 1011 m to a total depth of 1050 m.

Moreover, Glenaras-26 was drilled to a total depth of 1,039m with all Betts Creek Beds coal seams having been intersected as proposed. A total of 28m of net coal has been confirmed with excellent gas shows.

Since the completion of the drilling, the rig has since moved to Glenaras 29 which is the final well of the 2022 program.

Moreover, Glenaras 29 has been spudded as of Friday 17 June and is drilling ahead at 850 m to a total distance of 1050 m. This well is in the centre of the existing lateral wells and will be a key well for the pilot as it will be in an area of maximum pressure depletion.

Additionally, the power station upgrade has been completed and pre-commissioned. The stringing and welding of the gathering and associated tie-in points is likewise nearing completion.

Similarly, trenching and the laying of all gathering pipeline is now underway with skids mobilised to the well-site. All surface facility works are scheduled to be completed sometime in July 2022.

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