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Empire Energy begins preparations on Carpentaria-2H

beetaloo basin

Empire Energy has begun preparations for the hydraulic stimulation and extended production text (EPT) of Carpentaria-2H (C-2H), located in the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory.

Hydraulic stimulation of C-2H is expected to finally commence approximately at the end of June 2022 after the well was suspended and shut-in in July of 2021.

Civil works for hydraulic stimulation and baseline water sampling of the shallow aquifers have been completed, with the mobilisation of equipment underway. While the delivery of some fracture stimulation chemicals have previously been delayed due to unprecedented disruptions in the global supply chain, supplies are now en route to Australia and are expected to arrive mid-June.

C-2H has a 1,345m horizontal section drilled and cased within the Velkerri Formation B Shade, 1250m of which is accessible to hydraulic stimulation. Each hydraulic stimulation stage is expected to be 50m long, resulting in as program of up to 25 stages.

Under the Australian Government’s Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program, Empire Energy $1.82 million in cash (excluding GST). The funds received represent reimbursement of past capital expenditures and will be applied to the forthcoming C-2H stimulation and EPT.

Once commenced, hydraulic stimulation is expected to take between 15 to 20 days and flow back of C-2H will commence immediately following hydraulic stimulation. Stimulation water is expected to dominate the initial flow back volumes as C-2H clean up prior to the commencement of the primary phase of the EPT.

While the initial flow black period is anticipated to last approximately one month, Empire has the regulatory approval to undertake an EPT for up to 90 days.

The goal of the hydraulic stimulation and production testing at C-2H will seek to better improve the stimulation fluid selection, perforation, pumping strategy and help refine the horizontal target window.