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ENA launches 2010-11 energy reform agenda

The ENA has said that the key policy issues for energy networks over the next two years will be energy regulation reform, metering, energy distribution and retail frameworks, as well as technical and safety legislation and regulation.

The ENA work program is designed to influence, lead and respond to:

  • The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) national policy reform agenda
  • Policy initiatives from government
  • Regulatory processes
  • Industry-led reform proposals.

The ENA will engage with bodies such as the Ministerial Council on Energy, the Australian Energy Market Commission, and the Australian Energy Regulator, which review rules that affect energy networks and market development, to ensure the voice of Australia’s energy networks is considered throughout the policy reform process.

The association will also respond to and lead energy security and climate change policy across the areas that affect energy networks, as well as advocate for a nationally consistent and best practice regulatory framework for energy networks.

The ENA also plans to develop an industry paper on clean energy vehicles, outlining the current state of play and the key challenges to the integration of natural gas and electric vehicles.

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