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Even more gas at West Erregulla

Earlier this month, West Erregulla-2 became the deepest onshore well ever drilled in Australia, passing 5,000 m in depth after already making what was a described as an “exceptional” gas discovery the week prior.

Now, project operator Strike says the High Cliff sandstone formation was encountered with a gross gas column of at least 22 m, a net pat of 10 m and an average porosity of 10.3 per cent and sections up to 16 per cent.

“The addition of yet another material gas discovery in the West Erregulla-2 drilling campaign makes this a truly outstanding result for the well,” said Strike Managing Director Stuart Nicholls.

“The High Cliff results are in line with Strike’s expectations and indicate a discovery with significant areal extent that can be delineated on 3D seismic.

“West Erregulla-2 has finished drilling at 5,100 m and is now not only the deepest well in onshore Australia but has also discovered the deepest ever hydrocarbons.

“With gas discoveries in the Wagina, Kingia and High Cliff sandstones, the West Erregulla trifecta has been achieved.”

The well is located in the EP 469 licence area and Strike shares a 50-50 partnership of the project with Warrego Energy.

For more information visit the Strike website.

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