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Final Glenaras well completed

Galilee, Glenaras-26 gas project glenaras 29

Glenaras 29, the final well of Galilee Energy’s 2022 drilling program at the multi-well pilot, has officially been completed.

Glenaras 29 was the sixth and final well of the program and was drilled to a total depth of 1039 m, with all Betts Creek Beds coal seams intersected as prognosed.

A total of 27 m of net coal has been confirmed with excellent gas showing.

The Silver City Rig 23 was released on 22 June and is in the process of demobilising off the site.

The addition of the sixth well was made possible in large part by the refund received recently and the experience gained from successfully drilling adjacent to and through the fault in the southern part of the pilot. The main challenge for the project were the risks associated with drilling in an area of maximum pressure depletion.

Notwithstanding the potential risks surrounding drilling through a depleted reservoir area, the well was successfully completed and marks the conclusion of the drilling component of the overall program.

All of wells in this program have been drilled to a depth of around 1000 m, with a 7-inch production casing run and cemented in place.

All existing wells will henceforth be brought back online over the coming weeks with surface facilities on track for completion by the end of July.

Galilee Energy’s Glenaras Gas Project is located in the ATP 2019 (formerly ATP 529) tenement in the western section of the Galilee Basin. The project is designed to evaluate the quantity and quality of CSG in the Betts Creek and Aramac Coal Beds.

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