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Galilee closes in on Glenaras enhancement project

Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy is nearing the final stages of the pump enhancement workover program to increase the production performance of the Glenaras multi-well pilot program, Queensland.

The program included workovers in six of the vertical wells to optimise the production performance in the outer wells and accelerate the process of achieving commercial natural gas production.

The total pilot water production is now 19,000 barrels of water per day (BWPD) and despite the early stage of production optimisation, the aggregate natural gas rate form the pilot is increasing and currently at over 60 Mscfd in aggregate.

In addition, natural gas production is already being observed at three of the new vertical wells and the remaining optimisation of production will be realised once commissioning of the last two wells is complete and the company maximises pressure drawdown.

The company highlighted that the PEP, which installed larger capacity pumps ion the vertical wells, has succeeded in its objective of increasing the water rate by over 30 per cent, and early pressure data indicates an acceleration in the decline of reservoir pressure.

“We expect the natural gas rate to continue to increase once a greater proportion of the pilot area is below the estimated critical desperation pressure,” Galilee reported.

The second pivot irrigation system, another component of the requisite water handling capacity, has also been commission and is now fully operational.

In addition, rig-related works will extend through to mid-May with several wells required to be shut in during this period.