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Galilee could rival Surat Basin in CSG stakes

“Whilst the Galilee Basin is remote and poorly serviced by gas infrastructure at present, it has the potential to rival the Surat Basin CSG province in terms of gas resource and therefore could play a significant role in the re-emergence of Queensland’s gas industry,”? Mr Cockcroft said.

The speculation comes as Blue Energy spud the Kanaka-1 CSG well, located in the Galilee Basin, approximately 30 km northwest of Aramac, in central Queensland.

The well is the first of a ten-well drilling program in Blue’s ATP 813P to investigate the CSG potential in the Permian aged Betts Creek beds and Aramac coal measures.

Meanwhile, the company’s Monslatt-2 well, which is located in ATP 814P, northeast of Energy Developments Limited‘s 45 MW waste coal mine gas-fired Moranbah Power Station, has reached a total depth of 858 m.

The well intersected a 6 m coal seam at a depth of 326 m, and preliminary testing indicates the presence of gas. The well has been cased and suspended as a potential monitoring well.

The drilling rig has now been moved to the Monslatt-1A site, approximately 100 m northwest of the Monslatt-1 well.

The Moranbah Power Station is a joint venture between Energy Developments and Anglo American, and runs 15 engines, each with a capacity of 3 MW, to produce base load power to the Queensland electricity grid.

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