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Galilee faces pump failures at Glenaras

Galilee Energy has confirmed that monitoring operations on individual well performance continued uninterrupted at the Glenaras multi well project until August 28 when the central pilot lateral well G10L was shut in after a mechanical failure in the submersible pump in the well.

The suspected pump shaft failure followed a recent history of the pump tripping, most likely a result of cavitation due to gas ingress.

With the G10L well a relatively small contributor to total pilot water production, and therefore not critical to the overall pilot de-watering target, the opportunity was taken to use the well well for press surveillance.

Galilee reported that the objective was to established a pressure comparison with the adjacent G1L well, where measured reservoir pressure was 550 psi, the first measured pressure below the critical desorption pressure of 600 psi.

The company advised that the maximum stabilised G10L pressure has been measured at 580 psi, which is beloved the critical desorption pressure.

Last week the submersible pump in outer lateral weekly G23 also suffered a suspected pump shaft failure.

The well has been shut in pending mobilisation of a workover rig and crew, and delivery to site of replacement pumps currently in transit.

Galilee reported that workover operations are unlikely to commence before the third week of October due to COVID-related restriction on crew availability. 

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