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Galilee increases production at Glenaras

Galilee Energy

Galilee Energy has optimised production at its Glenaras multi well pilot program in Queensland following the completion of the pump enhancement program (PEP).

Natural gas is now being recorded in five of the outer vertical wells and the PEP has succeeded in its objective of increasing the water rate by over 30 per cent, with the current water rate now below 19,000 barrels of water per day.

The company also noted that the average natural gas rate from the pilot has increased to approximately 70 Mscfd in aggregate. 

The program included workovers in six of the vertical wells to optimise the production performance in the outer wells and accelerate the process of achieving commercial natural gas production.

Following the concluded PEP, the company outlined that the recent production data demonstrates the anticipated falling off in water rate along with an increase in natural gas rate, including that the PEP has has a marked impact on the reservoir despite the wells only being at full production for less than three weeks.

The current rate of measured pressure decline indicates that critical desorption pressure is very close to being achieved in the central pilot area.

“We expect the natural gas rate to rapidly increase once the reservoir pressure of the central pilot area falls below the estimated critical desorption pressure and further updates will be provided once new information is available,” Galilee outlined.

In addition, the first two pivot irrigations systems, a component of the water handling capacity, are now fully operational with the their cut of sorghum currently under irrigation at the first pivot area.