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Galilee installs new well pumps

petroleum exploration in Western Australia

Galilee Energy has successfully installed appropriately sized new pumps for multiple wells at the operated Glenaras multi-well pilot programme (Pilot) in the Galilee Basin.

The G10LL, G17, G20, and G23 wells now have new pumps which incorporate modifications to enhance the handling of gas production, leaving the central G14L well as a valuable observation well.

These pumps are back online after pump failures, with water production having been gradually returned to rates in excess of 18,000 BWPD.

The restart of pumping in the workover wells will tremendously aid the remainder of the Pilot in achieving enhanced pressure depletion throughout a larger area, culminating in significantly higher gas desorption rates.

The Glenaras Pilot would then unleash one of the largest (multi-TCF) uncontracted gas resources available to the eastern Australian gas market, which is currently experiencing a supply shortage.

The company’s managing director and CEO David Casey said he commended the Galilee team on how they conducted themselves.

“As the newest member of the Galilee team I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism by which the team have completed these workovers in a safe, efficient and timely manner, particularly given recent heavy rainfall throughout much of Queensland,” Casey said.

“If there is a positive to come out of having to undertake the workovers it’s that it is becoming apparent that the critical desorption pressure was in fact reached and that the onset of gas production probably contributed to the recent pump failures.

Overall, Casey said he saw the reinstallation as a “positive”

“While this issue has now been remedied, in my experience I see this as a positive, as very often some of the best performing wells are some of the most difficult to manage early in the desorption process,” he said.

As more information becomes available, additional market updates on the workover programme will be published.

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