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Galilee speeds up Glenaras commercialisation

Galilee Energy
Galilee Energy is accelerating the timeline to achieving commercial gas production at its Glenaras multi-well pilot in Queensland through a pump optimisation program.

With the 11 wells at the pilot now on continuous production, the aggregate water rate for the project has reached 14,250 barrels of water per day (BWPD).

The lateral wells have continued to decline and are now at 4400 BWPD, from from a monthly rate of 6000 BWPD.

Galilee has reported that production from the wells has reached the capacity of the exisiting downhole pumps and the reservoir quality has been higher than expected, resulting in the potential well performance exceeding existing pump design specifications.

As a result, Galilee has decided to accelerate the process of achieving commercial gas production by implementing workers in six of the wells to optimise the production performance.

The pilot enhancement program is targeting an increase of over 30 per cent in total pilot water production, which is expected to have a material impact on the pilot.

Galilee estimates that the cost of the program will be $2.5 million and is planned to begin in the second half of March.

“This program will enhance our understanding of the impact of the pilot enhancement program on the overall reservoir pressure of the pilot, as well as any specific wells,” Galilee reported.

“The resultant information will be critical for field development planning, including compression requirements, pipeline specifications, well deliverability, well locations and well spacing.”

The average gas rate form the pilot over the last week has been 50,000 standard cubic feet per day, with increased volumes of gas observed through the water line at the water storage facility.

However, the company stated that it has been unable to be recorded due to technical limitation in the metering.

Work is underway to remedy this situation and to increase the capacity of the separator metering to measure the full volume of gas produced.