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Galilee recommences Glenaras 27 drilling

Silver City Rig 23 on Glenaras gas project

Drilling at Glenaras 27 has officially recommenced with Galilee Energy announcing that Silver City Rig 23 has commenced drilling the third well of the five well program.

Silver City Rig 23 commenced drilling on the 23 May 2022 at Glenaras 27 and has successfully drilled to a surface casing depth of 200m. As of 24 May, all surface casing has been run into the well with cementing operations due to commence shortly.

Glenaras 27 is the third well of the 2022 program that consists of drilling, completing, connecting and powering an additional five vertical wells.

The well is in the centre of an identified fault zone. The fault zone is interpreted to be the primary mechanism for facilitating water-flow in the Betts Creek Beds from interbedded sands into the coal seams. The fault zone is anticipated to host a higher intensity of fractures from which Glenaras 27 will directly access.

Subsequently, Glenaras will likely be able to produce at higher rates of flow. The well has been situated to optimise the shielding of the pilot from oncoming water and to further accelerate the project toward achieving commercial gas flow.

The drilling of Glenaras 27 has been subject to several delays due to rainfall. Two major rain events in May 2022 have resulted in the highest rainfall experienced in the region for 30 years. Thankfully, roads have dried out sufficiently to enable the rig to be moved and materials to be delivered.

Likewise, to mitigate the negative impacts of losing road access during drilling, Halliburton and Schlumberger have come to an agreement. The negotiations concluded that all necessary equipment can be left on-site during the campaign, resulting in cost and logistics efficiencies.

Moreover, the completion element of the programme has commenced. This is set to involve the running of tubing and pumps into the wells and wellhead installation. The completion work is scheduled to be concluded by the Wild Desert workover rig, which has been set up over Glenaras 24.