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Gas could be world’s top energy source

The research used the Global Energy Market model (GEM) to assess the rapid rise of natural gas use in the global energy market.

Through this model, gas was recognised with high potential to act as a smooth transition fuel towards a low and zero-carbon economy from largescale renewable energy use in the second half of the 21st century.

Curtin University Senior Research Fellow Dr Roberto F Aguilera said natural gas has many benefits, including its abundance and affordability, its wide geographical distribution and the environmental benefits of the lower intensity carbon to coal and oil.

“Significant increases in the use of natural gas over recent years and ongoing advancement in the LNG industry provides an ideal opportunity to decrease carbon levels in the energy system,” Dr Aguilera said.

The findings of the model predict there will be a rapid rise in the use of natural gas in the global economy market by 2030, causing a reduction in worldwide carbon levels.

Dr Aguilera said the study’s optimistic view for natural gas is positive news for Australia, as the country is on track to become the global leader in LNG throughout the next year.

“Australia’s established position as a natural gas and LNG producer and exporter will give it an edge in the development of renewable energies such as hydrogen, which in our model, can gain significant market share in the second half of this century,

“Although natural gas is cleaner burning than coal and oil, it is still a fossil fuel and therefore not by itself compatible with a low carbon future,” Dr Aguilera said.  

Curtin University is located in Western Australia.

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