Gas detection to the Max XT

Equipped with SmartSample technology, the GasAlertMax XT’s diaphragm pump saves time with reliable detection that prevents water and other liquids from being drawn into the sample pump. The simple connecting tubing system secures the sampling hose in place, enabling the user to change tubing lengths and sampling accessories in seconds. The model’s pump filter window allows users to check the condition of the pump filter and replace it directly, even while in the field.

The gas detector provides ease of use and simple compliance to industry safety standards: on start up the detector begins a self-test, automatically verifying proper operation of visible, audible and vibrating alarms, sensors, battery and pump.

The GasAlertMax XT also comes with standard event and data logging, and an automatic calibration procedure.

Using a one-button interface, customers can:

* Initiate calibration
* Acknowledge alarms and due dates
* View time weighted average, short term exposure limit and maximum hold readings
* View the date and time
* Activate the backlight.

The new model features a variety of tamper-proof options that enable the user to adjust the instrument to suit specific applications. Eliminating push-button menu navigation, the GasAlertMax XT connects to a computer using the IR Connectivity Kit, allowing the user to access a list of options for operation including:

* Display of the detector’s serial firmware and hardware version numbers
* Programmable start-up message;
* Operational lockout in the event of a self-test error
* Safe mode
* Latching alarms
* Forcing calibration and bump to ensure calibration and bump test days are adhered to
* Calling IR lock to force calibrations to be performed using the IR communications port and by authorised personnel
* Location logging
* Data logging and confidence beep interval
* Multi-language interface in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
* Individual sensor configuration
* Transfer of data and upload firmware enhancements.

In addition, a rechargeable battery pack allows the appliance to remain operational for 13 hours.

The GasAlertMax XT is well suited to a range of applications and customers including oil and gas, marine and shipping, utilities, wastewater treatment plants, power generation, municipal needs, and confined space entry. The confined space entry components of BW’s multi-gas monitors are designed to provide the user with all the accessories needed to safely and effectively detect potential atmospheric gas hazards, making the function quick and simple.

The detector can be customised to suit specific applications and maximise performance with a wide variety of accessories. For example, cost-effective management of the detector can be provided with the MicroDock II docking system, which is portable, easily expandable and requires no computer. In addition, single or multiple detectors can automatically test, calibrate, charge and manage data from the tool.

Charging is also made easy with a variety of single and multi-bay chargers for the office, work site or vehicle.

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