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Gas production increasing at Mahalo North

Mahalo North gas production increasing

Gas flow production from the Mahalo North pilot production scheme is steadily increasing, Comet Ridge has announced.

Gas has been flowing through a production separator for the past few weeks, and dewatering of the coal is also continuing. The well is maintaining a consistent water production rate of approximately 800 barrels of water per day, and as the reservoir pressure is reduced, gas production is increasing.

Located in the Southern Bowen Basin, Mahalo North was deemed by coal exploration boreholes and 2D seismic data to have a very high probability of gas resources in prospective shallow coals. Recent production data has also confirmed the extension of Mahalo’s high productivity fairway into Mahalo North.

Comet Ridge managing director Tor McCaul said the company is happy with the progress of the scheme and the outcome of the testing thus far.

“The well has performed strongly from the commencement of testing in January. It has been pleasing to see gas desorption start over the past few weeks, resulting in measurable gas produced to surface on a 24-hour basis,” he said.

“Whilst the current gas rate is still in an early production phase, it is steadily increasing and early analysis points to extension of the Mahalo high productivity fairway into Mahalo North.”

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