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Gas training ramps up in Victoria

GippsTAFE Team Leader – Gas and Telecommunications Programs Christine Yendall explains that field workers these days need to be able to fulfill more than one task. “There have been certain standards laid down so when you see a team putting gas pipelines in the street you can be sure that each of them have at least half a dozen minimum standard things they can do such as traffic control, fire, etc,”? she said.

GippsTAFE Campus Manager – Chadstone David Ellis believes that there has been a cultural change happening with gas contractors. “Contractors in the gas industry are now taking a greater view of training and reducing their own risk. Also, the distribution networks have made it very clear that they want all people working on their networks, including contractors, to have a form of qualification. Ultimately it’s about protecting their assets and ensuring the job is done with increased reliability,” he said.

GippsTAFE’s new Advanced Diploma of Management course is now up and running. “This course potentially takes about two years off a normal degree course with a university,”? said Mr Ellis. “This is a real advantage for someone in the workforce who has a wealth of experience and they want to formalise it.”?

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